Custom Websites

Custom websites are unique. A custom design is tailored to the requirements of the client. Below are some example websites that have been custom designed. We can include in your custom design any feature or look that you desire. For best results you need to supply to us high quality images and a professionally designed logo.

All websites start with a custom template design. We use the images, content and logo you supply to create a unique look for your business website.

Custom websites are more expensive than DIY websites but they are as unique as the businesses they represent.

Fashion Website for Sydney Boutique

The website completed for Jennifer O' Hare showcases the unique style of this classy Sydney Boutique.

You will notice that the thumbnail tabs on the bottom of the homepage changes the centre image and this is one way of displaying images on a website.

The website also features an online mailing list that allows customers to easily subscribe or change their email address.




kyneton bush resort new website

 This website was recently completed for Kyneton Bushland Resort. Incorporating unique flash picture show, developed by Passion Computing and Google language translation and a CMS system.

Flash is a good way of giving your website a dynamic look and feel and the advantage of maximizing website spacem while being visually appealing.

With the strong uptake of broadband internet, the use of flash in websites is no longer a problem and if programmed correctly does not adversely affect on search engine ranking.

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geelong motel website

 Hacienda Geelong Motel required a simple website that is easy to navigate. Rather than making use of pull down menus, we opted for a simple website where information was conveniently linked to from every page of the site.

The use of flash on the homepage makes a visually appealing site and the booking and reservation form enables visitors to easily book online.

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green website

 Green Tree Traders is a current project but we included it here in the custom designs because we wanted to show the affect of having the green tick centred on the webpage and the text moving over it.

This visual symbolism will be coupled with direct bank way intergration, an increasingly popular solution for those concerned about PCI compliance and who do not want to use Paypal integration.

A custom web form has been designed and will be integrated directly with bank gateways and custom autoresponder emails developed for the site.

Jobs Australia

Jobs Australia is the national peak body for non-for-profit organisations that assist unemployed people. This website design incorporates a login to a bespoke CMS and the main focus of the site is presenting information in a usable format.

Behind the login is a multitiered website that houses a wealth of information for Jobs Australia members.


 Oceanwide Images Managed Rights Photos

 Oceanwide Images sell managed rights images and this site design was built to house their many photos. The homepage showcases some of their gorgeous images by using a rotating image code. Pull down menus allow many important pages to be housed and these pages are accessible from all pages of the site.

Using rotating images is a great way of using one space on a webpage to house many images.

If you are looking for images to include in your book or website, visit

 The Three Waiters

This site was built in conjunction with Matt Dale Creative, who produced all the flash files, video, audio and design work.

Passion Computing built this website using all the elements provided to us and the most important part of the brief was to use flash in such a way that would not compromise search engine ranking.

The flash header is eye catching and the website does well on search engines in the US, UK and Australia.

 tefl website is a simple HTML website that has a typical left hand navigation. Left hand menu navigation is by far the easiest and most user friendly method of displaying information, as all menu links are accessible from every page of the website.

So, no matter which page a website visitor lands on, they can easily navigate to other pages of interest.

The longer a website visitor stays on a website, the more likely they are to make contact with your company or organisation.

Simple left hand menu navigation is also great for search engines.

 engineering company website design

 PRP Engineering's website had a facelift with a new flash header and image work.On the homepage, the images rotate in the given space but on the other pages, thumbnails allow users to select and image that they wish to see enlarged.

You will notice that once an image is enlarged, that a user can click the arrow key to cycle to the next image.


 book publishing website

 Sierra Publishing Australia's website is a simple but elegant website that showcases unique, Australian books.

Website visitors can view Sierra Publishing's books online and order books via PayPal. Paypal is the easiest way to pay online and one major benefit of using Paypal is that customers do not have to sign up to your site with address, and payment details. If they are already a registered Paypal user, it is simply a matter of clicking on 'add to cart' and then 'checkout' and then logging in to Paypal and confirming the order. The process could take less than 30 seconds and is ideal if customers are ordering a small number of items from your website. Using Paypal shopping cart is not as ideal if you have many products.


 accounting website design 

SBA Accounting's website is professionally designed with pull down menus, login access to allow members to view and download member's only documents, and reflects the corporate style of the very successful NZ SBA franchise.

The phone number is prominently displayed in the header of the website.

If you are a small business that requires accounting services or you want to buy a SBA franchise, contact



 france travel website

 Red Balloon Travel and Consulting offers custom tours in the south of France. These are totally customized tours, very much like having a friend in France that can do all your arrangements, bookings and give you a GPS loaded with your itinerary. Travelling could not be easier.

The website has graphical menus. Graphical menus are harder to maintain but you can get the font that you desire and a great looking site with graphical menus. Photos feature throughout this site and although it is in HTML, Red Balloon has no trouble keeping it up to date, after a couple of hours of online tuition.

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 bubshack website

 We can't take credit for the graphic work, which was supplied to us by Bubshack but to make a graphical site like this look good and render properly across the major browsers was quite a challenge indeed.

This is a gorgeous site and the symmetry, colours and artwork all come together to produce a visually appealing site where website visitors can order the unique Doidy Cup, that is recommended by speech therapists because it teaches children proper tongue and lip control.

Utilizing Paypal shopping cart, makes buying a Doidy cup easy.


 tesol website design 

Oxford Tefl is among the most highly-regarded teacher training institutions in Europe.

A custom site design incorporates login for students and easy access to information about their many courses and locations. Students are now able to pay for their course online through a SSL secured page. The video on the homepage is actually hosted at YouTube and this is one way of hosting an online video or alternatively a video can be uploaded to a company's own hosting account.

accommodation website

In this website, menus are displayed in the right hand column. The website information is presented well, with all key information accessible from the right hand menu.

This site achieves good results on search engines and its clean and uncluttered design is appealing and easy to navigate.

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