Hosting Services

Passion Computing offer some of the best value hosting in Australia. Hosting is provided on quality infrastructure in Australia and supported by a team of professionals - all at an affordable price. 

Free Domain Name Fowarding

All domain name registrations and transfers come with free domain name forwarding, so  you can redirect your domain name to any URL (option of framed or standard forwarding), For more information, see Domain Forwarding. 

Free DNS Hosting

All domain name registrations and transfers come with free dns management, so you are able to edit the zone files of your domain name. For more information, see Advanced DNS Management

Email Hosting

Do you need an email address associated with your domain name and you do not require web hosting. Email hosting is the right choice for you and it also comes with domain name forwarding and dns management, so you can redirect your domain name to another URL where your website files are hosted.

 With a large disk quota, email redirection, and a simple to user interface, professional email is set up for you and instructions and help provided so you can download your mail to your computer. 

See Email Hosting for more information on prices and plans.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is offered in both linux/php or Windows/ and include email hosting and dns management but not domain name forwarding. 

With generous disk space and data allowances, email accounts, and managed by experienced technicians in a secure Australian datacentre. Web Hosting 

Free DIY website, on all web hosting plans, will allow you to build a website with no programming skills. This is one of the affordable ways to get a website online.

How to order?

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