Setting Up Email on Iphone

Before you set up email on your iphone you need to use the Hosting Control Panel (Plesk) to create your email account, that you wish to use. See Setting up email accounts. Login to webmail to check that the newly created email account works and write down the email address and password.

The information below details how to set up an email account on an iphone but you can use the principles to set up email on any mobile phone. Phone carriers want to discourage SPAM emails going through their network, so they need to verify that the person sending the email, is a valid account holder on their network.

The benefits of using an email address associated with your domain name, are many including branding and transportability. It looks more professional to have an email address with your domain name than to use a generic or free email address. Some clients use mobileme, to host their website and order business email hosting, which comes with email accounts and the ability to edit zone files, so that their website urls all use their domain name, not the or email address.

Setting up Email on Iphone

Find the "Settings" option on the home screen of your iPhone and then choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Under the accounts "Accounts" option select the "Add Account" optionm then select "Other". Click on the "Add Mail Account" button. You will now be on the "New Account" screen and you can fill in the following details:

  • Name: Enter the display name for emails that will be sent from your iphone.
  • Address: The email address that you have created to use with your iphone and tested via webmail earlier
  • Password: The password associated with the email address. ie, the password you used to login to webmail with.
  • Description: Not important.

"Save" these settings.

You will now need to manually configure your mail server settings. The iPhone will now attempt to automatically retrieve the server settings and after it fails to do so, you can then configure the settings yourself. 

Selected "POP" and then enter the following information. If your phone carrier supports "IMAP", select "IMAP".

Incoming Mail Server

  • Hostname: . eg. if your email address is , then the hostname is . If you are a Plesk hosting control customer, you will need to use as your incoming mail server. Remember to put the full domain extension or you can use 
  • Username: your full email address (this field should already be filled in)
  • Password: (this field should already be filled in)

Outgoing Mail Server

  • Hostname: (this is your iPhone telephone provider or Internet Service Provider's SMTP server,, - contact your carrier to verify) Try too .
  • Username: You will need to enter the email address provided by your phone carrier. If you are using Bigpond, you can sign up for a bigpond email address specifically to use with your phone.
  • Password: This password is related to the email address used in the outgoing mail server. If you are using a bigpond email address, then enter your bigpond password

 "Save" these settings. You will then get a popup asking if you want to set up the account up without SSL. Select "Yes". 

Now test the email account that you have just set up and send an email to this account and reply to that email from your iphone.