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Connect domain name to Weebly

If you have built your website using Weebly, and you want to connect your domain to it, you need to upgrade to one of their accounts that allows you to use a domain with your website and you need to order from us, free domain manager. This service is free with all domains registered or transferred to us.

Login to your domain name administration and order domain manager. To do this next to your domain name, click 'Add Services', then 'Hosting', then SELECT next to Domain Manager (although it says it's one month/free -  this is ongoing until cancelled) and complete order. 

You will receive an email when the service has been set up (usually within an hour) but allow up to 24 hours.

Once the service has been activated, you will then be able to login configure your zone files.

To configure the Weebly zone files,

Click on Zone Manager, then remove all A records currently there and create an A record. In Name field, leave blank and the Host Field should be the ip address,  . Then create another A record, with the name Name field with www and the Host Fields should also be the ip address .

These two zone records will connect your domain to your Weebly website.

If you want to use Google Apps for your email, you can actually sign up with Google directly via,

You then need to create the corresponding zone file records.

 Mail Server

Name Server

Lastly, you need to navigate to Domain Delegation or the Icon taht says Update Name Servers on the Overview Page and then click 'set default' and update your name servers to , and

If you have any problems, Contact Us.