Foreign company registering AU domains

If you are a foreign company or individual wanting to register an Australian domain name to do business in Australia, you can register a or with an ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number), ARBN, trademark number OR trademark application number. 

If you do not intend to have an Australian office, then you have the option to apply for an Australian trademark or register an ARBN number and use one of these numbers to register an Australian domain name.. 

How do I register an Australian domain name with a trademark?

If you are the legal owner of an Australian trademark or you have an application pending for an Australian trademark, the trademark number OR trademark application number will allow you to meet the requirements to register an Australian domain name as a foreign company. If you have registered or are registering under the Madrid Protocol, you will also be eligible for an Australian domain name.

Thanks to the Madrid System for International Registration of Marks, a trademark owner is offered the possibility to have a trademark protected in several countries within the Madrid Union of countries by simply filing one application directly with their own national or regional trademark office, or designating further countries subsequently. The Madrid System has been around for over a century and functions under the original 1891 Madrid Agreement and the more recent 1989 Madrid Protocol.

Australia is a member of the Madrid Union. lists the members of the Madrid Union. As a member, a foreign trademark owner can designate Australia in their international applications, provided the trademark is registered in a country that is part of the Madrid Union.

Please contact us if you require a referral to register an Australian trademark, who will manage the entire process on your behalf and you will simply supply them with a word or logo and nominated goods and services and you will be provided with timely, high quality and cost effective advice.

After your trademark application has been filed, you will receive a trademark application number and you can then click the register/transfer link at the top of the page , and 

Choose if you choose Pending TM Owner  and  enter your TM application number in the field.

Please also email with the details of your trademark number or trademark filing number and we will follow up the registration for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How do I register an Australian domain name as a foreign company?

In order to register an Australian domain name, you need to obtain a ABRN number from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission or ASIC. To do this you will need to appoint a local agent (a person that lives permanently in Australia), to lodge and receive company documents

Under s.601CJ - Liability of Local Agent:

A local agent of a registered foreign company: 
(a) is answerable for the doing of all acts, matters and things that the foreign company is required by or under the Act to do; and

(b) is personally liable to a penalty imposed on the foreign company for a contravention of the Act if a court or tribunal hearing the matter is satisfied that the local agentshould be so liable.

You then need to complete the Application to Register as a Foreign company. and produce documentation before you will be granted an ABRN. 

After your ABRN has been approved

You can then visit go to register your Australian domain name and register your domain name.

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