The following are testimonials from some of our customers: both website development and domain name/hosting clients. If you require further references, please contact us providing your full name, organisation, company name, address and telephone number and we will arrange to have scanned copies of original signed references sent via email and names and contact details for referees.

Website Project Testimonials

"Thank you Jeanee and Bruce for the all the hard work you have put into re-developing our website. We are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out and thank you dearly for your expertise and continued support. We have dealt with numerous web programmers over the years, but you guys are the best". "

Gary and Meri Bell, OceanWide Images Photo Agency and Stock Photo Library

 "Jeanee, just wanted you and Bruce to know how happy I am with the work you have done for the first stage of our website redevelopment program, now that we have signed off on stage one. We will turn our attention back to this project in late November and will talk to you then. In the meantime, good luck with everything else and thanks again. We will write you a formal reference on completion of stage 2 but feel free to ask people to call me if you need a verbal reference."

Simone, Jobs Australia

"..We have been working with Passion Computing for two years. They are responsible for the design and optimisation of our websites, a key role in our business and marketing strategy. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the company. Communication is fluent and effective and, most importantly, the results are very positive. For this reason we have increased our business with them. They are reliable and professional in everything they do with us and we look forward to maintaining our business relationship with them in the future" (from original signed reference)

Duncan Foord, Director Oxford House College English Language Courses, Barcelona Spain

"I am extremely grateful to Jeanee and Bruce for their professional and patient approach in changes to my website and web hosting. JeanEe responds quickly to any questions I have, which are a lot lately! Passion Computing continues to help me get my business up and running, I am happy to recommend their services to anyone who needs a competent, professional and speedy service that doesn't charge the earth. Thankyou!"  Christine, Green Clean House Cleaning Services,  Mornington Peninsula Cleaners

Had our first enquiry for a booking yesterday and we got it. Thankyou. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cheers Denise

Barry & Denise, Geelong Motel 

"The front page looks good – aligned with NZ. "

Roger, SBA Accounting Australia, Small Business Accounting

"I really like it. Just some changes." 

Jennifer, A beautiful fashion boutique in Double Bay, Sydney Australia.

"I like your first type of images with the text, I love the new header on main page. Can we take care of picture changes now and look at how we can get better search results with the keywords I gave you."

Michael, PRP Engineering Company that specializes in  Structural Steel, Gawk Screens, Mechanical Repairs, 

"I am a director of Kyneton Bushland Resort and was appointed by the board to liaise with Passion Computing in the reorganization of our website. Having had some experience with setting up other websites I was pleasantly surprised by not only the very competitive price quoted but also the high level of service provided by Passion Computing throughout the process. Jeanee was in constant contact with me, providing sound advice and imaginative suggestions. All of my queries were responded to very promptly and clearly. Passion Computing has provided us with an excellent website that caters very well to our needs. An added bonus is that I have found the website to be easily administered. All in all, the whole experience has been a very satisfying one and I am pleased to be able to confidently recommend Passion Computing to any organization contemplating a similar project." (from original signed reference)

Bryan, Director, Kyneton Bushland Resort

"Thanks, the site is really great and exactly what the client wanted"

Matt, Mardar Entertainment String Angels - Explosive Classical Entertainment for Corporate Events and The Three Waiters - Singing Waiters

"Thanks for everything - for your patience, more than anything! Do you know, I did enjoy it - I just wish that I hadn't had so much other stuff to get through at the same time"

Liz, Clases Ingles Barcelona 

 "Thanks for sending this information and the invoice. We appreciated you both putting everything into perspective for us, it really helped. I will forward the invoice to the CSA treasurer.All the best (and stay warm)." Jane, Coeliac Society of Victoria (Website consultancy - conference)

"Thanks so much, Jeanee, for all your help.  The site looks great, and the training has helped immensely to enable me to make the small modifications on my own.  I really appreciate your quick responses to my (numerous) questions, and I will be sure to recommend your services!! A bientôt "

Jeni, Red Balloon Travel and Consulting France

"I've just finished doing a final proof read of the website, and I'm very happy with it. Megan says she likes it too, more importantly!" Nick, Sierra Publishing Australia

"Dear Jeanee, ..The site looks good"

Wes, Serviced Apartments Toowoomba and Toowoomba Builder

"Overall the site looks good. I am thankful to you for creating such a beautiful site."


 "Dear Jeanee, On behalf of VULSS, I would like to thank you for creating our website, it looks fantastic! Please confirm payment into the account on the invoice you sent us."

Siddhartha Narsey, Treasurer Victoria University Law Students' Society

"...Thank you for your attention to detail with your work..."
Jenny, "Don't Fret Pet" Franchising - A better alternative to dog boarding.

"The reunion was a sterling success thanks to the contribution of Passion Computing in support of the IT component. Warmest regards"
Graham, Royal Australian Navy Communications Branch Association Victoria. 

"....I have been more than satisfied with the services provided by Passion Computing Pty. Ltd. as the project has been delivered as intended as well as being on budget. I would recommend them to any other organisation undertaking a similar project...."
(from original signed reference)
Kurt, Financial Controller, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad

"..I have really appreciated working with you on the website. From the word go when you assisted us throughout the campaign, to rebuilding anna's site to regular updates, you have been absolutely magnificent. I have really appreciated the care you have taken, and the great suggestions you always have."

Ainslie, Office of Anna Burke MP - Federal Member of Parliament for Chisholm

"I have forwarded your invoice to our finance department for payment. Thank you for a job well done. We will be back in touch when we require any major changes."

Guy, IBM Business Consultant

"You are fab! I'm looking forward to buying you lunch when this is all done !!"


"During his employment with School of Information Systems, I found Mr Andrewartha an efficient and reliable member of the teaching team. Bruce was enthusiastic, confident, and extremely competent in the areas of his teaching responsibilities including various technical as well as business aspects of Web site development and management. In addition, he consistently demonstrated excellent presentation and communication skills in his tutorial classes and was always supporting and helpful to students from a diversity of backgrounds. Bruce Andrewartha’s professional competency and communications skills were highly appreciated by the staff and students at School."

Lemai, Senior Lecturer Deakin University Melbourne Australia

"My website was more complicated than most sites but Passion Computing were up to the challenge. They patiently and persistently worked with me to create a site exactly as I had envisioned. Thanks to Passion Computing, my site is now ranked #1 on Google. I highly recommend these webmasters!"
Ian Cameron, author of Heal Thyself

"Thanks for all the work you and Bruce have done. :) " Melissa, Nappy Chappies, Modern Cloth Nappies

Domain Name and Hosting Testimonials

"I have just set up a new new business requiring a web page that could be easily added to and modified as the business evolved with out having to constantly go through a web page designer to make these alterations, I decided to have a go at doing this my self  this was easy enough but when it came to hosting and actually getting web presence that was not easy after having read page after page of baffling material on the net and talking to various hosting companies about the process and being quoted some mind boggling figures to get web presence I decided to ask some local business people about there experience when Passion Computing was recommended from there on things fell into place beautifully they helped me through the maze of jargon and what to do and what not to do like leading a blind man through a crowded shopping centre this was done with amazing patience over the phone and then followed up by a step by step instruction via email this a level of care we seldom experience where it seems more and more businesses are trying to keep us in the dark and just charge at every turn often for mixed results perhaps the name should be changed to passion for people and computing. Not only have you go ten me on the net but you have reenforced my belief in generosity of spirit and sharing this is the important stuff that makes the world special. " Marius, Mornington Peninsula Property Inspections

 thank you Marius 


"Yes, the site is working extremely well, i am measuring my leads and nearly 100% are from google searches. Thanks again for your continued assistance.."  James, Mornington, Australia

"As usual your service is amazing!I was attempting to browse the directory without specifying the directory path. I have successfully logged in with your instructions. Thank you again for your support." Adam, South Australia

"You guys are great, I'm so glad I switched the domain over to you.
Your service and speed is just fantastic, I'll be recommending you to everyone!Thanks again," Martin, Australia

"Happy new year to you. I do hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Just wanted to let you know that I have just paid the renewal for my website. I love it. Thank you so much."

Tracy Barf Natural Dog Food


"I have just set up a new online business which is hosted by Passion Computing. The personalised service I have received has been a pleasant surprise and the advice and follow-up support hasbeen prompt and extremely useful especially since I am not an IT person. The site is full of information which is easy to understand. With the multitude of web hosts out there, I was lucky to strike Passion Computing first."

Sue, Type Transcripts Transcription Services


"Sorry to be sending this thank you so late but I was laid-up with a nasty flu bug (no! I didn't kiss anyMexicanpigs!). Thank you for your stellar work on getting my site up and running.I wasreferredto Passion Computing by a trusted friend and now I am clear why. My site is awfully out-of-date but the principals are the same. Now that I have a good home for it I will spend some time on it again.It has been a pleasure being served by you." Michael. Canada

"Many thanks to Jeanee Andrewartha from Passion Computing who has helped me get this site up and running on the web." Mike from Australian Photo Prints


"you have made my day:) thank you so much." Rob, USA


 "Thanks very much for all your help." Annie-Marie, Australia


 "No probs. Our IT tech told me it was the network we are on (we have temporarily relocated our office and are using another company’s network

until we get our one up and running) so no stress. Thanks for your help." Yelda


 "Thank you so much for your assistance, Yes it is working well.The host end I can work with easily. I definately owe you dinner if you ever get to Adelaide!" Neville, South Australia


"Many thanks for your personal service and attention today." Elaine, Sydney Australia


"Thank you again for your fast reply. Take care" Jonas, Germany 


 "I just spoke to my Mum, I'm really glad you like the name - I really can't believe no-one has thought of them before, but I guess that's the same with allfirsts! Anyway, I completely agree with you - .... is much shorter and easier so I will keep them, but I think I will do the other two as well, just to be sure. I tried to register the business name but it was too similar to another name apparently, which is why I thought of adding the cafe on the end. I really don't know enough about business to know if I can just add it as a trading name to my current business number, or if I need to register separately....Mum is now looking into it for me, good on the Mums! Thanks so much for your help and advice. I will go back to your website tonight and buy the other two." Mandy, Melbourne


"Yes, I did get the information, thank you very much! My internet connection is still down today so could not access emails til this morning. I'm looking forward to using the valuable information-I prefer info overload to brief and cryptic. Thank you again for your prompt service." NSW, Australia


"Thanks very much for getting the site published, its definitely a step in the right direction!" Luke, Sydney


 "Thanks so much for this. Are you now able to direct me to the instructions for up loading our web site, which is hosted by mac's moble me" Kaye, New Zealand


 "Thank you so much for sorting things out for me. It is all up and running now and I am so excited!!!! I battled to get it up and running for two weeks! Cannot thank you enough for your help. Thank you, too, for your constructive feedback. I appreciate it very much." Julie. WA


"It's working! Thanks so much for your help." Jo, South Australia


 "I've probably totally confused you. You've been terrific." Jennifer. NSW


 "We'll be old friends before long. Apparently I need hand holding. I haven't been successful in figuring out how to use your domain tools. I think I tried all of the options...My site is on the University of Queensland server; the address is" Geoffrey, Queensland


 "Thanks very much for all your help to date and i look forward to working with you further in the future." David, Adelaide


 "Emails up and running well. All fixed now  : ) Thanks 4 all your help." Trish, Melbourne


 "Thank you guys so much for your support. I must say I am thrilled." Charlton, NSW


"Thank you very much for doing that!!! You are wonderfully helpful and I think that you and Passion Computing have saved me a great deal of emotional turmoil!!!! VERY grateful!" Jim, New Zealand


"I'll check it out later tonight to see if its working.
Your help is very much appreciated, and I must say - the level of service I have received from you is exceptional.
Thanks for your time."  Katherine, Queensland Australia


"Thank you so much. It works! You have been very helpful.Cheers" Marjorie, Western Australia


"Thank you very much for your assistance. the redirection works great!Hope you enjoy your week." Tiffany, New South Wales


"The Parallel SiteBuilder is a good software and it is so easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate our requirements. Our site building is almost finished.  Now I need to know how to include our site in the GOOGLE." Alan, New South Wales


"Thanks for the information below. Attached is our trademark application documentation." Greg, New Zealand


"Thank you very much for all of your help, that is such a relief to have sorted out." Steve, Perth

It’s working already! HUGE Thank you!! Simon, New South Wales


"Yes thankyou it now is working fine! Thanks for your help !" Jen, Queensland


"Thanks, I have it up & running. Thanks for your help." Carolyn, Victoria


 "Now that's what I call good Aussie service! Thanks very much for your assistance." Tod, The Netherlands


"Yes, I succeeded to publish the updated file to the website!!! Thank you for your wonderful and timely help and support, keep in touch." Shaw, Sydney Australia


"Thanks for that, high praise from me. Looking forward to the next stage of expansion with my business. I know it will be in good hands." Ashley, NSW Australia


"Thanks Jeanee, That was what I needed to do, and it is working now. Thanks" Russell Brisbane


"Sorry for the late response. I won't be renewing the webhosting for the website. 
I'd like to thank you for your excellent customer service. Every time I had a problem, you were very quick to answer my query - even the not so clever newbie questions :). 
Thank you for you services." Vlad, Victoria